Saturday, July 23, 2011

William Quiñones,MBA (@VegaBajeno) has shared a Tweet with you: "ZDNet: Oracle gets its trial date with Google this Halloween" --

Monday, July 4, 2011

My first blog

Somehow I have to start so in the middle of the financial information I am looking for and waiting for my wife to find some paper I just come up with the idea of start blogging.  It's been in my head for a while now.  I read a couple of blogs and I find it interesting so here I am.  Let's see what I come up with.  I know for sure I do not have the humor and talent to write very interesting things so let's see how it goes fellas.

September 10, 2011: I am retaking like I will be doing every other time my "thing" of write something here so somebody does not have anything more interesting to do than read my thoughts or feeling get entertain with what I have to say.  I will be writing whenever comes to my mind and hopefully in the process I do not hurt feelings to anybody.  Certainly, that's not my intention. That's been said, it's on! Today has been a heck of a day, since I woke up I have been up and down with my daughter trying to get things she needs for the school, books, some P.E. class uniforms and so forth. It's been a good day tough, a little bit rough, from Logan Square to the HIP, to Barnes and Noble in Webster (from where I am writing right now). Tomorrow is September 11 and the 10th anniversary of the coward acts performed by a band of extremists. But September 11 have a particular meaning for the Chileans too. On September 11, 1973 the democratic elect government in that country was deposed in a Coup d' Etat backed by U.S. by the former dictator Augusto Pinochet (hell be upon him), also the Indians remember September 11, 1906 when Mohandas Gandhi did a civil disobedience (if I am not mistaken), due to the harsh conditions of Indian workers in South Africa. In other words, same date have different meaning to different people and different nations. What I can say is that every time an act of tyranny, unfairness, injustice or abuse of power is present people, countries, nations would be uprising to achieve the most revered condition for the human being: freedom. Some people and government tend to over use the term freedom, liberties when precisely what they are doing is repressing those liberties they are claiming to protect.